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"Kpop is like a drug once you take it, you get addicted to it and there's no way out and no way to avoid it."

13 th
of Apr 2014
What was your Username on QuizUp again? I forgot ^^'

just search my name (Charlotte Carbone) and I should show up with a lil cute Canadian flag. My QuizUp has been malfunctioning lately; fair warning, aka. I might not get the request. 


Hi guys! Its been a long time. I also bet you guys dont know my existence because I left tumblr a year ago (i think) and left this blog to charlotte. I just noticed we reached 21k followers already. Wow! If not for Charlotte, this blog won’t reach that number of followers. By the way, I’m Angel and i’m the one who started this blog i dont remember what year tbh. lol.

I just want to thank you guys and Charlotte for keeping this blog active. Since this blog was created, i’ve seen a lot of Kpop fans can relate stuffs floating around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I really appreciate that. Thank you.  a

So what is this post for? lol I just want to let you all and Charlotte know that I will never be here again doing some relate stuffs because of some personal reasons. Tbh, I did not just left this blog. I left the whole tumblr world and focused myself on Wattpad. And now, I’m an exclusive writer here in Philippines. One of my book is getting published soon and more books will be published from me. Whats great about it is my stories are mostly kpop based. The one getting published is originally a myungsoo fanfiction hehe. But too bad because it is in Filipino Language. I hope one day I can do an english version of it.

So if you’re a Filipino, please do support me! <3 Thank you guys. Byebye! Charlotte, thank you. (:

every time you discover a new group 

Well, who doesn’t lie about their height?

10 th
of Apr 2014

People need to stop arguing about who’s the Queen of Kpop because it’s Key. 

It is beyond frustrating when people bandwagon on Kpop so they can get famous, fast. 

Have you ever eaten German food?

Yes! I have actually been to Germany twice. Also, where I live Oktoberfest is a big celebration. 


9 th
of Apr 2014

the irony of chad future’s stage name 

6 th
of Apr 2014

"DATE ME" I scream as I continue to stare and drool over people twice my age that will never know of my existence or see me in a romantic way due to the fact I will just be a pile of wobbly goo if we ever met in real life 

4 th
of Apr 2014

ah, the days when bubble pop was the most scandalous music video in kpop.

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