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when i become an idol my special talents will be random dance and knowing the blogs to go to for quality icon edits. 


ok what is a new concept that will blow away the fans






dance based!


nonono, those are all old news.


i got it





parrots, ostriches, and monkeys. nothing says kpop like monkeys.

Or you could just
crycry can you not hear the kpop music 
get your cry on 

Or you could just

  1. CRY 
  2. cry 
  3. cry??!?
  4. crycry can you not hear the kpop music 
  6. get your cry on 
  7. cry

Question: Korean Names

In Canada (or I guess I could say even North America) there are baby naming trends. For example, Deb, Barbara, Joanne, Mark, Jeff, and Richard are all popular names in my parents’ generation. While in my generation, I have given up on counting the number of Sarahs, Laurens, Emilys, Liams, Nicks, and Brandons (and all the odd spellings of them too).

So I’m curious; what are some of the trends in baby naming in Korea? What are some of the most common given names? Are foreign names (ie. English ones) ever given as legal names? Thanks! 


Edit: because I thought of another question. Are there many unisex names? Well, I guess (in English at least) any name could be if you believed/tried hard enough lol. 

Anonymous said: oh snap is that your boyfriend in that pic? u guys are cute

Nope nope McNopersons; I have no boyfriend. But thank you; I think the China bae and I look cute too eheh. 


Anonymous said: Once you receive this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to your 10 favourite followers!


  1. I have nice legs. They are pretty toned and uhm… bend really well?…. 
  2. I am really good at shutting people down with logic/one-liners when they are on the verge of starting a boss fight with me. 
  3. This year i earned a $2000 scholarship wahoooo. #hardwerk 
  4. I know all the words to basically every Ciara song (I think that is a really nice trait 2 have). 
  5. My self confidence is actually ridiculous because - I do not exaggerate when I say this - but I do not deeply value any general public opinion or judgement about me, because being satisfied with me is what matters most. 


It’s Friday night; AND IM FINALLY BEGINNING SUMMER VACATION WOW. Talk dirty to me *cues saxophone* (in the inbox of course). 

- Char-char-charlotte

being single for a long period of time

but when u actually get into a relationship

if you watched ninja assassin because it is a cinematic master piece with 0 plot holes and the best female lead of the decade, you are lying because i know it was for sweaty and shirtless lee joon and rain.  

my life consists of drinking, listening to Kpop, and drinking while listening to Kpop.